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If you make it...

People keep saying my son is going to grow up to be an engineer.  They say this because they see him playing with Legos, Snap Circuits, and Tinker Toys.  He builds bridges out of marshmallows and toothpicks. He loves putting together things as much as he loves taking things apart.  And he's constantly asking "how come?" (His version of "why?").

My son is not unique in his interests.  I had the opportunity to attend the Buffalo Mini Maker Faire just recently, and what I witnessed was nothing short of amazing.  There were hundreds of kids there, and every single one of them was completely engaged in learning through making.  There were some who were helping to construct a pirate ship using cardboard, twine, and tape.  Others were racing electric cars.  And still others were busy taking apart VCRs, TVs, and cassette players (along with a few other devices that were no longer recognizable).  Kids were everywhere, and they were learning about their world through hand…

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